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Butter Your Toast

March 19, 2015

Buttering your toast isn’t something you normally think about. You just do it. If you’ve got a butter dish, you have butter sitting out at room temperature, ready for spreading at any given minute. If you don’t, you end up placing it near the stove as your cooking or zap it in the microwave for a few seconds till it’s spreadable. Or maybe you like to just cut off a chunk, throw it in a dish and heat it until it’s fully melted, brushing it over your toast.

Then there are days when you aren’t prepared. You haven’t had your morning cup of coffee just and yet and aren’t thinking straight. The toast jumps out of your toaster and is yelling to be buttered. What do you do? There is nothing more excruciating that trying to spread cold, hard butter on a scorchingly hot piece of toast, tearing into the bread, getting huge chunks left in spots. Or maybe you’ll just put another piece of hot toast on top and let it melt a bit and then spread the butter. It’s too much effort and it makes a mess. (Now, in your mind, when you’re imagining this, picture an infomercial and the people that can’t do the easiest of tasks without screwing up.)

Rub an unwrapped stick of #butter on your hot #toast for last minute toast buttering

So then what do you do? In reality it’s quite simple, grab a stick of butter, unwrap it about halfway so you have something to grab on to and then just rub the stick of butter over the hot toast. The butter will melt and spread onto it evenly over they surface. No big chunks. No rips. Want more butter? Just keep rubbing. When you’re all through, cover up the butter with the wrapper it came in, pop it back into the fridge and eat your buttery toast.

That’s it. It’s a very simple tip and one that’s not always needed, but some mornings there’s just too much going.

Forget to soften butter? No problem. Simply grab a stick of butter from your fridge, unwrap it halfway and rub over hot toast. Wrap the butter back up when you're done.

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