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Burrito + Potato = OMG

June 13, 2016

I realize I’ve been going about this blog all wrong. And let’s face it, dear faithful readers (hi Mom & Aunt Carol), you know it too. You see, I made this whole thing in the beginning how my life revolves around food and that when my blog was just based on desserts and baking, it was hard since I did so much more than that. So then I opened up the spectrum. And I basically just post recipes of cocktails and and desserts. Now, I know that I could sit down at Starbucks one morning and hash out a plan, which I totally should. But this is how it will go. I will get all into it. I’ll feel excited. And then I’ll get home where there is no central air. And I will go in my room that is air conditioned and watch reruns of Melrose Place and drink from a box of wine. Or I’ll read. Or I will just want to spend the day outside. Meaning, that plan will just go away. And fade. Until I post a new recipe.

Primarily, yes. I’d love to have more recipes. And I’m more than likely going to start including recipes from work. You’ll be able to recreate restaurant quality desserts at home! Or not. It’s up to you. You can just read the recipe and look at the pictures. So maybe that will happen. Eventually. At some point. Someday. Maybe. I don’t know.

Now, this is the point where I get to the whole “long story short—too late” from Clue in my head part.

I went to Pedros Tacos.

Pedros Tacos is a very unassuming establishment in Boston. It’s on a street with some odd stores that never quite gets direct sunlight and most people just use to cut through to get to Park Street station or the cemetary with a lot of dead people from the revolution. The space itself has a few tables and flatscreen TV’s and when you get there before the lunch rush, it’s empty (get there during and the line is out the door). I went there a couple years ago because I was always intrigued by it (since I would use the street to cut through and avoid the more crowded streets). Here was a taco place that nobody ever talked about.

For many, many visits, I always stuck to tacos. Because the shrimp taco, the fish taco and the fried chicken taco are freakin’ delicious. But one day, I needed a change. I like variety. So I opted for the carne asada burrito. (You had me at meat.) This isn’t like Chipotle (or Qdoba or one of the many, many other burrito places that let you choose every little ingredient that goes into your burrito). It comes one way (although, I’m sure you could edit it, but why mess with perfection). It’s a good size: not too big where you can’t believe you ate the whole thing and don’t need to eat for three days & not too small where you wish you had gotten two burritos. I will, however, say that 1 burrito + 1 taco is the perfect amount for my fat ass (however, some days, like today, one burrito was plenty).

There’s an option on the menu to add potato to the burrito. I didn’t do this the first time. I just didn’t feel like it. I love potatoes. They are one of my favorite foods. And one of the most versatile. It was…uncertainty. The potato in my head at that moment was not that kind of potato that was included. So whilst I was eating said burrito, I remembered a place back in Providence, Taqueria Pacifica. They had a veggie burrito that included sweet potato in it. That was good. Well, not just good. Pretty damn fantastic. Biting into one of those heavenly sweet potatoes was like striking gold. And so I thought, OK, next time I’ll add the potato. It can’t be all that bad.

So I did.


Let me tell you…




Why had I not done this before? Why were no other burrito places adding potatoes to their incredibly well wrapped food vessels?? AND WHY WAS NOBODY ELSE TALKING ABOUT PEDRO’S TACOS?!?!

This was an amazing burrito. At very first bite, my eyes rolled back and I’m pretty sure I reenacted the diner scene from “When Harry Met Sally.” The potatoes are basically hash browns or tater tots or something equally delicious. Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. Not so much that it’s like you’re just eating a mashed potato burrito…more like…a burrito with tater tots…mixed with meat. And guacamole. Oh. My. God. So. Good.

Blanche Cools Off

And now, the dam has burst and I can’t stop. I have experienced a burrito like no other. And it’s all I can think about. When I’m not eating a Pedro’s burrito with potatoes, I wish I was. When I’m nearby, I think…what harm could a burrito do? When it’s late at night and Pedro’s is closed, I fill with rage because all I want is a delicious and filling and satisfying and tasty and glorious and amazing Pedro’s burrito with potatoes in it.

They remember me now. Even the Starbucks by work I frequent doesn’t know my name. Does this make me a gluttonous person? Possibly. Does this mean I’m eating far too many burritos? Physically impossible. Does this mean I’ll stop eating Pedro’s burritos (or tacos)? Of course not!

I just had to share. Because food is delicious. Meat is amazing. Potatoes are a gift from above. And together, it’s happiness in a tortilla.

If you find yourself in Boston during the week (since, sadly, Pedro’s is not open on the weekends), do yourself a favor and go have a burrito. And for the love of Kylie Minogue, please go and add potatoes to your burrito.

Pedro’s Tacos
55 Bromfield Street
Boston, MA 02108

Pedro's Tacos

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