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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2016

As the one and only pastry chef and pastry department employee at work, I have some free range. I don’t have to go to the head pastry chef and say that I have an idea. I can just run with it. For a while, I knew I wanted to do something for Halloween.

Now, Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday. It’s ranked down at the bottom of the list. There are parts I enjoy. I love giant bags of Kit Kats, I like purple and orange lights, I love scary movies, I love the Halloween themed episodes of Roseanne. That’s basically it. I hate getting dressed up. I don’t see a real point. Maybe one day I’ll finally host a Halloween party that is just a day long event of watching scary movies & holiday themed episodes of tv shows. That sounds exciting to me.

Anywho, as Halloween approached I kept thinking of Halloween ideas. I didn’t want to do anything too complicated because that would require using too many parts and creating too many different components, and really, I should be using up things that are about to go bad anyways. I had some cranberries left from a previous dessert. Thankfully they’re red.

After some brainstorming and idea was born. Not only would it look “scary” thanks to a splatter of sauce, but the jiggly texture of a panna cotta would also give an eery element. Add in some crunch almond cookies shaped like bones and a simple, but effective idea was born.

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