I’m a former temporary student of architecture turned professional graphic designer turned pastry student turned professional chef turned amateur food photographer and writer. But you can call me Chris.

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I could tell you how you’d always find me in the kitchen from a young age and learned to cook from spending time with my parents and grandmothers and how I always knew that my life would revolve around food and blah blah blah. But that’s not really the case with me. I didn’t always know.

It wasn’t until I grew very frustrated in my office job that I realized that food was a very essential part of my life. I realized that food was my escape. Food was my happy place. I was in love. I had never realized it. Not until it practically hit me over the head. Just like when Rachel realized just how much she loved Ross.

On a snow day, I would always insist on making some stew that took hours to maker. On a crisp autumn day, I’d make lasagna stacked so high it would nearly topple out of the casserole dish. On really disgustingly hot and humid summer days, rather than suffer even more over a stove, I’d buy some fresh vegetables at the farmers’ market and whip up a light salad. I was able to satisfy my craving to make breakfast food by convincing my office to move our status meetings to Monday mornings and assigning the meal to one employee each week.  I happily taught myself puff pastry at home, not finding the hours of work to be all that daunting. Rather than buy books on design, I spent oodles of money buying cookbooks that I would spend many days in the window with a glass of wine reading. I remember watching PBS on Saturdays just to catch all the cooking shows.

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So that’s when I decided to enlist in culinary school and follow my true passion in life.

Now my life is extremely food focused. I work in a professional kitchen. I make dinner from scratch practically every night. I submerge myself in cookbooks and gastronomic literature. I’m constantly thinking of recipe ideas and testing them out. I’m always curious to learn about the eating habits of every culture. I’ve even now had the chance to create recipes for some well known food brands.

And that’s why I started this site. I want to share all the knowledge I’ve learned, that I’m still learning and that I want to learn…with you. That is the purpose of this blog. My life with food is also your life with food. I hope that you will enjoy the journey as much as I do.